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There is no doubt that one of the keys factors to SEO is using the right keywords. Analyzing which ones are correct and essential to achieving results. But choosing the words well is not easy. Sufficient data is needed to know if it will really work.
Fortunately, there are SEO tools focused on finding the best keywords. In this article, we are going to analyze the best keyword SEO tool, which will help you identify the best terms to position yourself.

The best keyword SEO tool for research in 2020

Two kinds of tools can be found to find the keywords with the greatest potential.
  • The first type is the basic search tools. From a sentence, the key terms that can be more profitable are located.
  • The other type of tools investigates the keywords that work for the competition. These are the most effective, especially since if they are already working it means that they are profitable.
With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best SEO tools to research profitable keywords.

1. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
Ahrefs keyword explorer one of the best SEO tools for keywords, Ahrefs keyword explorer is one of the most used tools, which also has a new and improved version. The main characteristic to highlight is the difficulty index of a keyword. While other tools simply tell whether it’s easy or not, or show a percentage, Ahrefs specifies even the number of backlinks you’ll need to rank on the front page.
Another point in favour of the tool is the large amount of data it shows.
 Also, you don’t need to create an excel with the keywords you want to attack because you can create lists directly in the Ahrefs panel.

2- Semrush
Another of the best-known keyword SEO tools, which not only provides information about keywords but details about CPC (for paid campaigns) or the evolution of trends.
In addition, it works to analyze what keywords are already working on a website. You just have to 
insert the URL of a page and you get a complete report that includes statistics such as the position it 
occupies in the search results.
In addition to identifying the best keywords to attack, Semrush is a good tool to take a look at the 
competition and see what their position is regarding an interesting word or idea.
A curious, as well as the interesting feature, is the Keyword Magic Tool option, which will help you
discover opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Semrush offers a 14-day trial version at no cost.
3- KW Finder
This tool stands out for its ease of use. You just have to insert the keyword and next to it the difficulty is shown to position it next to a list of similar words and their potential.
KW Finder can be very useful to check if a keyword is worth it, or if it is more interesting to take advantage of some of the alternatives that are shown instead.
But above all, it is the most intuitive tool. If you have little to no experience searching for keywords,
you will have no trouble using and interpreting the displayed data. Also in this tool, you can do 5 searches a day for a week for free.
4- Google keyword planner
The main reason why this is one of the most popular SEO tools for keywords is that it is a free resource integrated into Google Adwords. All you need is an account, which you can also create for
free if you don’t have one.
The most important feature of the planner is that it is supported by Google, the most important search engine. Although this is also a limit because if you want to see how a page or keyword is positioned in other search engines, you will not be able to do it with this tool.
Google Keyword Planner can be a good starting point to get started in SEO or keyword search. If you
need something more detailed, it is best to resort to one of the other tools.
This tool is quite curious since it allows you to get suggestions from different sites, such as Google, 
Amazon, Youtube and even Wikipedia. Just type in a keyword in the box and lots of long-tail suggestions automatically appear. So you can find terms that are little or nothing exploited.
An interesting function is a possibility of saving ideas, simply by dragging and dropping the ones that interest us most. It can then be downloaded, mailed, or printed directly.
Soovle is a totally free keyword SEO tool, although it can be somewhat more complex for inexperienced users.

6- LongTailPro
The LongTailPro tool is a great help in identifying the best keywords for niches and micro-niches. It 
provides a very detailed analysis, which includes details such as the profitability of keywords or their 
evolution over time.
An interesting option is personalized recommendations to locate keywords with an acceptable difficulty for your project. It also allows you to spy on the competition to see what keywords they are using and to study where you can compete better.
You can access a 7-day free trial and then get the tool at a special price with its discount plan. You have 10 days to decide if you keep it or ask for a refund.
Similar to Soovle, KeywordTool provides a lot of suggestions when inserting a word. It has various search sources, although in this case the results are shown for each page and not in clouds as in Soovle.In addition to keyword suggestions,
 you can find questions based on each keyword. Very useful for writing articles answering these questions and better positioning. Results can be filtered by language, search engine or location to further refine; Although in the basic function, enough details are already shown, such as the search volume or how competitive it is.
You can use this SEO tool directly without entering, although you will only find the keyword suggestions without further ado. To access the rest of the functions you will need to subscribe to the payment plan, monthly or annually with a discount. You have a 30-day guarantee.

One of the best keyword SEO tools if you work in a very specific niche and want to stay ahead of your competition. It helps you locate emerging opportunities and stay ahead of the rest.
The handicap of SpyFu is that the information is not as up-to-date as in other tools. Data is monthly, 
not real-time. Although it is very useful to have competitors under control or locate new markets.
Pricing plans are the basic and professional for a user, or the equipment that allows you to use it with
5 accounts at a time, with unlimited searches and reports. They have a very interesting discount if paid annually and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
9- Google Trends
Google’s trend locator can be a good SEO tool to see what are the most wanted words by the audience. You just have to write a keyword and check its evolution over time.
This is very helpful in deciding which keywords are most effective. By being able to compare up to 5 at a time, you can see which one interests the audience the most and choose the best one at the SEO level. Something interesting about this option is the related searches section. There you can see the terms that are gaining ground on that topic.
Google Trends is perfect for finding the evergreen keyword. You can check its evolution in the last weeks, months or years and see if it really interests you in the long term. In addition, it is also free.
10- SECockpit
This is undoubtedly a tool designed for advanced SEO users, although novices can also take advantage of it. As with most options, it all starts by typing in a specific word and receiving a list of the results, but in this case, details like trends, competition, or estimated traffic are displayed in depth.
You can use many filters to find the best keywords. For example, having a word searched at least 
5000 times a month, or ordered according to the competition. More than 100 filters allow you to adjust the results as much as possible.
There are a 7-day trial version and 3 plans to choose from, with more or fewer functions.
11- DinoRank
Dinorank as a tool for keyword research it obtains the API data from and in the tests we have carried out, it obtains the same results, and sometimes even better, than, considered the quintessential tool for obtaining keywords.
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