Starting a blog then follow these steps?

Starting a blog then follow these steps

These are the following few steps which defiantly help in gaining more visitors to your site-

1-Start your blogging career with free platforms like Blogger or Wix 

  • The benefit of blogging with blogger or Wix they are totally free, so if you have any reason to drop your idea in the middle of your journey then you will have no loss.
  • They both have a good tool like analytics, beautiful templates, so you can simply design your website with drag and drop method. 

2-Select a niche or category for your blog

  • if you are working on a  particular category like Health and fitness, Tech blog, Event blogging then is more often chance to become successful as a blogger. because it gives you focus or goal why the blog is created, so you need to post the article according to your niche.
  • The niche should be select on the basis of your interest and hobby.
  • Every single people in-universe has some unique quality so present your content uniquely in your blog. it gives recognition.

3-Consistency in your work

  • Write regularly in your blog, it means that continuity is very important for your blogging at the beginning of your blogging carrier.
  • Writing regularly makes your blog content-rich so you will see an increase in traffic suddenly but not as much like a pro blogger but yes this the sign that you are doing well. 

4-Research on your keywords

  • Research on you keyword means, you are gradually turning toward a pro blogger you need to search for a proper keyword which has great search volume and has low competition it helps you to rank your website post and pages.
  • You can use different keyword research tool in my opinion SemRush Keyword Research tool is also a very good tool for that purpose.

5-Learn About SEO

  • Starting a blog is a simple thing but generating revenue is not that simple, For revenue prospect, you need good traffic to your site which can be done by using the different free and paid tool available online.
  • you can simply google on-page and off-page SEO tools and you get a list of that.
  • and now you can use any of them starting of your blogging carrier.

6-Advertise your content 

  • If you are getting a good amount of traffic then Apply for Different advertising platform like Adsence to get the reward for your hard work
  • You can also use different ways like affiliate marketing program, or provide paid plan to access your website there are many ways to monetise I will write a specific article on Monetization topic.

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