How to make money by dropshipping in 2020?

How to make money by dropshipping?

When starting an online business one of the key elements is having products to sell. So how do you get products, where do you find them, how do you know if they’ll sell, and how do you get them to customers?

There are mainly two types of dropshipping –

  • Self product
  • Dropshipping for others like Amazon or drop shipping for eBay and many more.

which type of dropshipping is good?

in my opinion, if you are new in the dropshipping business then sell products for others like Amazon and eBay and many more. Because there is zero investment then there is no pressure and you will work freely and in case of self product dropshipping a lot of money is required to buy some amount of product which you want and then for marketing those products but profit margin in your product is high.
Dropshipping for amazon

Advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping-

  • Sell almost any products, in any niche
  • Use a proven business model, which is even used by large retailers such as Amazon
  • No need to store any inventory
  • No need to pack or ship out products
  • No requirement for up-front capital
  • Expensive handling or drop-ship fees that eat up profits
  • Not all companies are willing to dropship
  • Drop shippers must give you accurate in-stock numbers so you don’t sell items if the drop shipper goes out of stock on them
  • Some drop-ship suppliers have inconsistent service, slow ship times, or difficult return policies

How to start dropshipping and choose your drop shipper?

One thing it is important to know that you do not need any shop or warehouse to store those products
only you need to set up an online shopping cart, blog, social media pages, and let of start your work.
  • create a shopping cart
  • blog
  • social media pages
  • email marketing

these are the essential part for dropshipping from this make the trust in your audience and customers

to get an order.

How to make trust in your audience?

if you are working on a niche for example if you want to sell supplements, beauty products then first use it and examine the quality and ingredient that they are good for health or not. List genuine product to your site. Now building trust is not a simple thing but you start like that.

Competition can affect your earning?

in case different drop shipper says that choose a unique product but in my opinion, competition is due to the high demand or high profitability so you need to work on high competition product also.

Now choose the final step?

Select the best possible companies in your niche and start listing those products to your blog. And when orders start coming buy from your seller in wholesale price and Ship to your customer address.
Now there is a way to increase your profit by minimising your product competition and set product price according to you by rebranding those products. If you have any question regarding this please comment below we glad to answer you.

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